The Weather Channel's Bad Rap (Updated)

Weather Channel sources tell FTVLive that about ten months ago TWC President David Clark asked his team to produce rap video because he thought that things were going so well and that TWC "had it's swagger back". 

At the time, they had recently hired had hired Sam Champion for millions of dollars, initiated a huge new studio build that cost big bucks and started taking over The Weather Channel's airwaves with less weather and more shows like "Fat Guys In the Woods."

The rap video was to be used as a sales tool as it showed The Weather Channel's talent, sales and marketing people all partying it up. 

In the video, champagne was flowing, the expense cigars were lit and the big bucks party was in full swing. 

Not long after this video was made, The Weather Channel started dropping staff and cutting corners wherever they could.

100 layoffs later and it makes this video a bit ironic and really kind of sad.

Clark is shown at the end of the video dropping the mic and walking off. Some would say, he dropped the ball. 

Update: Just before noon Today, FTVLive received a call from Sheri McGaughy VP of legal at The Weather Channel, claiming a copyright violation. According to McGaughy, the video we posted has never been seen outside TWC and they demanded that we pulled the video and the photo that we posted. FTVLive received the video from a Weather Channel staffer, who McGaughy claims was not authorized to give it to us. 

It appears that The Weather Channel suits are having second thoughts on the video and maybe now realize that it was a stupid idea to do the video in the first place. 

The Weather Channel does not want any of you guys seeing the video.

We have to wonder, if they saved the money from this video, maybe they would not have had to layoff so many people.

Just saying....

Stay tuned..... We will have much more on this story soon.