Just $500 to go!!!

For the past week and a half, FTVLive has been holding a fundraiser to get enough money to by a new computer.

Our office computer is 5 years old and it has seen better days. We have asked FTVLive readers if they want to help fund the future of FTVLive.com.

We are looking to buy the Apple iMac with Retina display and it cost $2500 bucks.

Some of the coolest and best people in TV news have stepped up and have already donated $2000 to the cause. Donations range from $5 to $350. Every little bit helps and the new computer should last us another 5+ years.

If you enjoy this website and want to help out, here's you chance. 

You can send us some money securely using PayPal by clicking the "Donate" button below:

r you can also stop by the Apple online Store and purchase a gift card and send it our way. You can even do an online gift card and send it to our email address (ftvlive@gmail.com) with no postage needed.