How Long Will Zucker Last at CNN?

It takes a thick skin to be successful in Television, but if you're Jeff Zucker, your skin better be Kevlar. In a recent article, New York Magazine reveals the campaign against Zucker being hired at CNN. It's a fascinating read. Probably not so much if you're Jeff.

One thing is pretty clear: whatever luster Zucker had from his days as EP of NBC's Today Show, is gone. Zucker was fired at NBC after Comcast took over, but also largely over the debacle he created with the network's prime time programming and the Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien disaster. FTVLive was the first to report the Leno story, despite NBC denying it.

So far, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes is sticking with JZ. But how long will that last? Who has the odds in Vegas?