Piers Morgan Bombs on Fox News

Piers Morgan was sacked from CNN because of his low ratings. Morgan has blamed everyone from Jeff Zucker to Anderson Cooper for his bad ratings.

The only person Piers did not blame was himself.

On Monday night, Morgan was a guest on Hannity on Fox News.

Guess what? 

His ratings sucked there as well. 

Morgan's appearance on Hannity was the lowest rated of the prime time shows on Fox News on Monday night. Hannity pulled in 224,000 in the demo. O'Reilly pulled in 410,000, the Kelly File pulled 300,000 and even O'Reilly's repeat beat Hannity's number with 254,000. 

So, even when Piers Morgan pops up on the number one cable station, he still pulls the ratings down. 

And he can't blame Anderson Cooper this time.