Photographer with Ebola is Back in the US

NBC News reports that the freelance Photographer that was working for them, when he was diagnosed in Liberia with the Ebola virus is back in the United States.

Ashoka Mukpo arrived in the States early this morning on his way to get treatment at a Nebraska hospital.

Mukpo left Liberia on a specially-equipped airplane at just before 5:30 p.m. ET (9:30 p.m. local time), officials said. The jet made a brief refueling stop in Bangor, Maine, early Monday en route to Omaha.

Mukpo, 33, is the fifth American diagnosed with Ebola. He was hired Tuesday to be a second cameraman for NBC News Chief Medical Editor and Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman. He tested positive for Ebola on Thursday.

Snyderman, who spoke with Mukpo on the phone Saturday morning, said he was in "great spirits" — and in a positive sign, she said, he was eating and drinking on his own.