Chris Wallace tells Fox and Friends to Quit Whining

When it comes to bitching about President Obama, Fox News Anchors Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade sit at the top of the bitch list.

Obama could cure cancer and ebola next week and you could bet your bottom dollar that Doocy and Kilmeade would still criticize the man for doing it.  

Fox Sunday Host Chris Wallace told the Fox and Friends crew it is time to stop their whining about the President. 

“The only thing worse than being attacked by a president is not being attacked by a president.”

During his Thursday afternoon speech on the economy, President Barack Obama jabbed at the popular cable news network by suggesting they had turned the Affordable Care Act into a “fanged threat” to freedom.

When it came Fox & Friends‘ turn, however, Wallace implored the triad of hosts to grow thicker skin and stop obsessing over the president’s comments:

Listen, I don’t know why anybody would be upset about that. It’s kind of a badge of honor. First of all, I think it’s fair game. We’re big boys. We have been very critical of the president and Obamacare and I think rightly so. It’s not like we think there is anything wrong with our reporting. The president is trying to gin up his base, about a month before the election, he calls us out. We should view it as a badge of honor.

“We’re big boys and girls,” Wallace later reiterated. “We can take it.”

Unfortunately, Wallaces advice fell of deaf ears. 

“I just didn’t think we belonged in the dialogue,” Brian Kilmeade said. “Just tell me what you think and take on the other party.”

“Are we at the presidential level?” Steve Doocy asked. “Isn’t he punching down?”

“Stop being cry babies, my gosh,” Wallace replied with a smirk. “You criticize the president for being thin skinned and you’re being thin skinned.”

Props to Wallace for trying. 

H/T Mediate