OK...That's Enough Time with the Family

When longtime WTLV (Jacksonville) morning  Anchor Phil Amato left the station abruptly and the went into real estate he said that he wanted to find a career where he didn’t have to wake up at 2:30 a.m. every day, one that gave him more time to spend with his family.

He said that last month.

Well, it appears that sleeping in and spending time with the family was fine for a month, but now Amato is getting back into TV news. And he's going back to doing the job that he said he was so happy to be leaving behind. 

Cox owned WJAX across the street announced that they have hired Amato as their new morning anchor. 

“We were given the opportunity to bring on a pillar of the Jacksonville journalism community and we couldn’t pass it up,” said Jim Zerwekh, vice president and general manager for WFOX-TV/WJAX-TV.

“Jacksonville viewers know him, trust him and like him,” said Bob Longo, news director of WFOX/WJAX. “We’re thrilled that he’ll help take the lead in the mornings as Action News Jax continues to give our viewers the most compelling, fresh, local news & weather coverage available.

"I'm proud and excited to be part of the morning news team on CBS47/FOX30,” said Amato. “I look forward to working with a very talented staff and taking my 20 years of local TV news experience to contribute to a dynamic, fast paced morning newscast. It's exciting to continue my career with a team that's committed to being number one."

In other words that whole spending more time with the family was complete bullshit just like it always is.

So why do TV people still use that line?

Just asking....