Normally in TV news, when a person lands a job across the street at another station, the old station kicks that person out the door ASAP.

Two days ago, FTVLive told you that WIVB Executive Producer Aaron Mason is moving over to WKBW as the station’s Assistant News Director.

But, here's where it gets weird, Mason is staying on at WIVB for a few weeks before heading over to the competition.

This is unheard of and is really strange when it involves a news manager. 

Word inside WIVB is the station is so shorty on bodies and they really need Mason to stick around. Insiders say he was also a very big part of the station's election coverage plans and WIVB really needed him to stick around to help the station in their coverage.

But still, you let the guy that is about to become the Deuce at your competitor still have free run in the newsroom?

Very odd indeed.