Howard Kurtz is Just an Idiot

Look...I totally get that there are many people at Fox News that do not like the President. Just like I get the fact that CNN's Carol Costello is not a Sarah Palin fan.

But, Fox News Media Critic (and obviously Presidential critic as well) Howard Kurtz will blame anything bad that happens on President Obama.

Check out this Tweet he sent out late yesterday:

Really?! What the hell does the rocket and ebola have to do with each other? Kurtz is basically blaming Obama for ebola and the rocket blowing up. And what the hell is "ebola season"? Is it anything like "Toyotathon"?

Howie uses his Twitter feed all the time to bash the President, in fact he does more of that then he does critique the media, which is what we thought he was paid to do.

Howard Kurtz is an idiot.