You Have GOT to be Kidding!!!!!

Although there has not been a case of ebola reported in Memphis, or even in the state of Tennessee for that matter, WMC obviously wanted to get in on the "scare the viewers" ebola game that other stations have been playing around the country.

A person did not feel well and when to a local Memphis hospital (imagine that?). The person was check for a possible Ebola.

Never mind that the person was also checked for a number of other things, the magic "E" word popped up and that was all WMC needed to go into full scare mode.

Fortunately for the patient and unfortunately for WMC, the person did not have ebola.

Many viewers were upset for the station needlessly scaring them and they let WMC know about it on social media.

WMC took to their Facebook page, tried to explain their irresponsible reporting and then.....get this.....turned the post into a story about an employee at the station asking his girlfriend to marry him. 

NO REALLY?! They did that. You can not make this crap up: