Viewers Tell Seattle Station to Stop with Student Interviews

Some viewers of KING in Seattle were not happy with how the station was covering the school shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School,

KING says they received several complaints from viewers who were concerned that students were unnecessarily being interviewed on the scene.

"Your reporters need to STOP interviewing students on live tv mere moments after a traumatic event such as just happened in Marysville," said Robert via email. 

"Interviewing Marysville students within two hours of the shooting is really inappropriate and unprofessional," said Damian. "These students should be left alone to grieve and talk to professionals and family members."

"King 5 please stop taking phone interviews with students. Let them process what they literally JUST went through," Jana posted to KING 5's Facebook page. 

Mark Ginther, Executive News Director for KING 5, explained that the station's goal was to verify information and provide details on what went on inside the school. 

"We are being thoughtful about trying to confirm information at a time when lots of reports were in conflict," Ginther said. 

"Our responsibility as a credible news organization is to help sort fact from rumor, especially at a time when lives are in danger," added Mark Briggs, Director of Digital Media. "In the age of social media, it's critical to get as close to the source of information as possible."