DC News Director Headed to SoCal? (Updated)

Earlier Today, FTVLive FIRST told you that former WJLA GM Bill Lord is going to be named the new News Director at WUSA.

He is replacing  Fred D'Ambrosi.

So the question is, where is D'Ambrosi headed? 

Sources tell FTVLive that you can expect to see D'Ambrosi headed back to San Diego and taking over the ND job at KGTV. 

Before coming to DC, D'Ambrosi was the ND at KFMB in San Diego for 12 years. Now, it looks like he is headed back to SoCal.

He would replace Joel Davis at KGTV.  Davis was bumped up to Station Manager. 

Updated:  D'Ambrosi tweeted out this in repsonse to FTVLive's story:

Our story was headlined "DC News Director Headed to SoCal?" notice the question mark at the end. We never said it was a done deal or was definitely going to happen. #facts