Lawyer Sues San Antonio Station

A San Antonio attorney on Wednesday sued KENS claiming he was defamed and libeled in news reports.

Lawyer Jon Christian Amberson’s lawsuit seeks at least $1 million in actual damages and $5 million in punitive damages from the station.

The San Antonio Express News reports that Amberson claims that KENS aired reports that incorrectly reported he stole property and mineral rights from a Karnes County couple.

Triston Sanders, KENS’s executive news director, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 2009, Amberson represented Michael and Cassandra Harms in a lawsuit against oil company Regency Field Services. The couple alleged the company exposed them to dangerous toxins.

According to Amberson’s lawsuit against KENS, the couple and the company entered into a confidential mediated settlement. As part of the settlement, the suit adds, the Harms deeded their 10-acre homestead to Regency.

In May, though, the Harms told KENS I-Team reporter Joe Conger that they never agreed to give up their property. The report said the couple was informed by a bank and local title company that they still owned the property, Amberson’s suit states.

Amberson, in his suit, alleges KENS knew the Harms’ allegations were “false, misleading and outright untruthful.”

“Without any facts whatsoever to support their storyline, KENS-TV. . . misrepresented numerous statements and claims attacking my honesty, integrity and professional work, all in an effort to fabricate a scandal to drive their TV news ratings,” Amberson said in a statement.

So? What's his point?