How Much Are Stations Getting for Political Ads?

Politicians love buying ads during newscasts. They feel that if someone is watching the news, they are more than likely to vote compared to someone that is watching Honey Boo Boo, or some other stupid reality show.

That is the main reason TV stations have been adding newscasts, to rake in the political dollars.

But just how much money are they making per spot?

A political ad on WSIL (Carbondale, IL) late local newscast gets $425 for a 30 second spot.

That very same ad on KTVI's (St. Louis) late newscast will get $1,800 for a 30 second ad.

Again, that same ad on WMAQ's (Chicago) late newscast will pull in $3,200 bucks.

That means, WMAQ is making around $50,000 in political ad sells in just one of their newscasts.

In other words, you need to go ask for a raise. 

Just saying.....