CBC Shows How to Cover Fluid Breaking News

Watching the coverage of the shooting at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, was a refreshing look at some good journalism.

Tuning into Canadian TV during a big news event, should be required viewing for aspiring journalist here in the States. 

Watching CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge handled the breaking news was a breath of fresh air, compared to Don "Blackhole" Lemon, John "They Got Him" King and the other wild speculators at CNN. 

Watch the clip below in which Mansbridge clearly explains the lack on information available without resorting to the type of wild speculation so often seen on American cable news. 

Note the calm tone and lack over loud, overly confident graphics as Mansbridge warns against following scurrilous rumors. It’s a far cry from that time a CNN reporter pointed out how “interesting” it was that a dog was barking during the shootout that following the Boston Marathon bombing. 

H/T Mediate