The Ebola TV Hostage Crisis Could Be Nearing an End

It might soon be safe to turn on your TV once again.....

Last night, NBC Nightly News decided to lead with something else than Ebola. 

Ebola was not gone from BriWi's newscast, but it was moved down to the second story in after the news on ISIS. The TV ebola hostage crisis is not over, but there maybe a light at the end of the tunnel. 

CNN continued to make ebola a prominent point in their day's coverage, but this is the same network that went weeks with the missing plane, even when there was no news to report.

Fox News seemed to back off a bit on their all ebola all the time coverage as well. Yet they still seem to be hell bent on blaming President Obama for the whole thing.

Up until last night, NBC Nightly was leading the newscast with 3 or 4 stories straight on ebola. They are the only network that imported ebola into the United States (yet they haven't promo that fact yet).

Just a few days ago, news divisions had viewers believing that it wasn't a question of if we would all die from ebola, but more likely when we would all die. 

But, now it seems that the TV networks are growing bored with ebola and will soon be moving onto the next thing, which more than likely will be the elections. 

Ebola seems to be going the way of all the other things TV news said was going to kill us i.e West Nile virus, bird flu, SARS.

It shouldn't be long before the next thing to kill you will be coming along soon. The November book is about to get under way.

Stay tuned......