NBC To Extend Dr. Snyderman's Quarantine from NBC's Air

NBC News Medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman is about to come out of mandatory quarantine, but don't look for her on NBC's air.

According to an internal memo, NBC brass says that Snyderman "will be taking some time off."

The memo talked about Snyderman and the rest of the crew that accompanied her to Africa to cover the ebola story. Speaking of the crew and Snyderman in particular, the memo said,  "We have encouraged them and they have agreed to take some time off to help restore some normalcy to their lives."

Of course the real reason for the time off is to given viewers a chance to forget Snyderman's trip to a local restaurant. Snyderman made news when she broke her voluntary quarantine to make a run to the local eatery. Many residents in her neighborhood were upset and felt that the NBC newswoman put them at risk for ebola.

Matters were made worse when Synderman issued what can only be described as a very lame apology. 

NBC is hoping that Snyderman's absence from the air for almost 2 months total will give viewers time to forget.

Stay tuned....