CNN Host Wife Takes Selfies while Staffers are Being "Reshaped"

CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter has described the layoffs happening at CNN a "reshaping" of the network.

Word is that while people were packing up their desk after being "reshaped" out of a job, Stelter and his wife Jamie were in the back hallway leading to the control room snapping photos of Jamie in front a poster of Brian. 

"It was an obnoxious thing to do with a few people packing up their belongings around her", said one CNN staffer to FTVLive. 

The Daily Caller writes: Not sure what’s weirder — Stelter’s wife taking a selfie in front of her husband’s CNN poster or Brian Stelter allegedly snapping pictures of her taking a photo of herself in front of his gigantic picture.

Anyone else notice that Brian's picture is sitting right next to Fareed Zakaria's?

That is capital "I" Irony.

Just saying....