I Thought She Retired?

When Barbara Walters said that she was retiring from TV, there wasn't a person alive that believed her.

Walters is coming out of "retirement" for the third or fourth time for another ABC special "Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014."

Walters claimed when she retired that she was done with doing "Most Fascinating People" specials, but she lied.

"I was absolutely delighted when ABC approached me to do another year of '10 Most Fascinating People,' " Walters said in a statement. "I know we said last year was our last, but there are just too many fascinating people out there. ... and you never pass up the opportunity to interview Oprah, Neil, Chelsea or Scarlett."

And obviously you never pass up the chance to see your face on TV again.

The special will air December 14th at 9PM.