CNN's Stelter: Layoffs = Reshaping

CNN's Brian Stelter did not take too kindly to FTVLive's story this morning about how he said that CNN's layoffs are more like a "reshaping" of the one time cable news network.

Stelter took to Twitter to publicly spank FTVLive (OUCH!) for our story: 

FTVLive is not the only one that Stelter is smacking on Twitter. He also took a shot a Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren for her story on Brian's "reshaping" comments. 

We need to inform Brain that we did watch the video and yes he did use the world "layoffs" but then said, "But the better word for what's happening in media today is reshaping."

Stelter closes his commentary with: "None of this context makes it any easier to say good-bye to our colleagues. In fact, it may make it even harder, because the fact of media, THE fact of media in 2014, is that reshaping of all kinds is going to continue."

Look at the last line, once again it seems that Stelter is changing the word "layoffs" with "Reshaping."

Brian also wanted us to "have the decency" to watch his video and link to it.

As we said, we did watch it and although, Brian has gone years without having the "decency to link" to stories on FTVLive, we will take the high road here and link to his. 

Bill O'Reilly calls Stelter a "cheap shot artist"....we don't really agree with that. Maybe "thin skinned" might have been a better description.

Just saying...