Another Reason to Hate Nielsen

There very smug and monopoly company Nielsen can't even issue an apology without  acting like an idiot.

Nielsen is catching flack for miscounting the TV viewers and giving more viewers to ABC.

The company blamed a "glitch" which has been giving ABC an unfair advantage since March. 

So, you would think the company would give all the networks refunds on their money spent and be very humble in their apology.

If that is what you expected, you don't know Nielsen.

The NY Daily News reports that while Nielsen was conducting a conference call with reporters to explain how badly things got fouled up, a red-faced Nielsen executive took the time to slam Rentrak. That’s a far smaller competitor that has been making serious inroads on Nielsen’s turf.

Rentrak never lets “the facts get in the way of a good press release,” Nielsen’s global president Steve Hasker says.

So much for contrition.