Anchor Said He was Fired Over Skype

Well, we have learned that Skype can used for something besides sending naked video back and forth.

Who knew?

One TV station used it to fire their Sports Anchor. KNOP in North Platte sacked longtime Sports Anchor Joe Swift and they did it over the Internet. 

Swift says he was fired because he went on air and said goodbye to two co-workers that were leaving the station.

It seems the Gray owned station did not like Swift's goodbye and swiftly (you see what I did there?) canned him. 

“I was never told I couldn’t say goodbye to them,” Swift said. “We’ve been bidding farewell to outgoing employees and wishing them luck in their new endeavors as long as I can remember. We said goodbye to a cameramen who had only been there a month. It was just something we did.”

At first he was suspended for his on air comments, but told he would still have to produce the sportscasts. 

Last week, Swift arrived at work with a suit — prepared for the suspension to be over and to resume on-air duties. Two hours into his shift, he was told to visit with Stephanie Hedrick, ND at sister station in Lincoln via Skype.

That’s when he was terminated.

“They fired me over the Internet on my wife’s birthday,” Swift said. “I got to call her and say, ‘Happy birthday. I’m fired.’”