Seriously..... Just Stop

There are 316 million people in the United States.

Currently, 3 of that 316 million people have ebola. I'll let you figure out what percentage that is?

Yet, news divisions around the country are seeing ebola as the next big ratings grabber and have hooked onto the story.

The Gannett station in Jacksonville is blowing out programing and running an ebola special. Never mind the fact that the closest case of ebola is in a quarantined hospital room in Atlanta.

NBC Nightly News first 4 stories last night were ebola, ebola, ebola, ebola. 

More Americans have died from being bitten to death by a camel than ebola. 

The media seems to be covering every person that shows up at the local hospital with a fever, as a possible case of ebola.

Morning news meetings are all about how we can localize the ebola story?

The hype is out of control and the media is scaring the crap out of people that have no reason to be scared. Because of all the panic reports, the airline industry is getting hit hard, the stock market is tanking and the media seems happy to make it all happen. 

The politicians are using the ebola scare to try and drum up votes and they are talking to any camera pointed in their direction. Sadly, the media is only too happy to oblige these idiots.

There is one person in the United States is very happy to see the ebola panic stories.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The media has totally left the NFL domestic violence story and has latched onto the ebola story like a linebacker sacking a quarterback. 

Goodell is all but getting a free pass from the media as it has abandoned the domestic violence story for the flavor of the month. By the way, a hell of a lot more people have died from domestic violence, than ebola. 

I will say it again, 3 people in the United Staes out of 316 million have ebola. Seriously, please stop with the scare stories.

The short term ratings bump is not worth the long term credibility hit you guys are going to take.

Just saying...