Hartford Station Makes History While Introducing New Anchor

WFSB in Hartford introduced their new news anchor and they just might have made history in doing so. 

Former Cleveland Anchor Mark Zinni anchored his first newscast for WSFB,  joining Denise D'Ascenzo on the 5:30PM newscast.

The station did an introductory story, welcoming Zinni to the station.

In the package, they talk about Zinni's work with charities and his love for animals. They also talk about Zinni moving to Hartford with his partner.

Yes, the station included the fact that Zinni is gay. Now, Zinni is by far and away not the only gay news anchor, but this maybe the first time that a station has ever mentioned the fact on air.

There are a number of openly gay News Anchors working across the country, but has a station ever made mention on the fact in a promo?

WFSB did not make a big deal about it in their story, is was mentioned in the same way they might say a new anchor has moved here with his wife.

But, we have to give WFSB props for stepping up and be straight up with viewers in regards their new anchor.

Here is what aired on the newscast: