NBC News Beat ABC News after all

Remember when Nielsen reported that ABC's World News Tonight with David Muir beat NBC Nightly News? It was a big deal that the new kid on the block, knocked off the old dog.

Well, forget about that.

Monopoly Nielsen now says that after looked at the data again, BriWi came out on top.

Nielsen, who's only job is to tell TV stations and networks how many viewers watched their channel, screwed up and has been giving ABC more viewers than they deserve for their shows, including World News Tonight. 

After the monopoly revised the data, NBC Nightly won in total viewers and ABC's World News Tonight won in the demo, which is exactly how it has been going for weeks. 

So, BriWi's  265 consecutive weeks of winning the total viewers streak still lives. 

As for Nielsen, let's hope that they are giving all the networks a big break on their astronomical bill as a way of saying they are sorry for screwing up.

Yeah...like that will happen.