Is Local News Adding to the Fear?

Ebola has been in the U.S. for just a brief time and you are already seeing people walking around with face masks on.

The fear level seems to be growing by the day. 

Many are blaming the media for the fear mongering and they could be right.

Yesterday, WJAX, the Cox station in Jacksonville sent out this tweet:

There was no confirmed case, a patient was just being tested.  It is a scene which is being played out at hospitals across the country.

So the this tweet really news, or just another media scare tactic?  Should the station have withheld the information until the ebola was confirmed and if it was not confirmed, is it a news story at all? 

It is a gray area for sure, FTVLive is not saying that WJAX was right or wrong in their reporting of the story. 

We asked WJAX News Director Bob Longo why his station went with the story? 

"We never go into any story trying to instill fear or confusion or create hype. In particular, with the Ebola story – there is a heightened awareness on our part for the need to be a calm, accurate voice. When we learned a local patient was being tested, we confirmed it and what it meant – that while the hospital believed the risk to the patient who self-reported was extremely low, personnel there were  following CDC protocol and were indeed testing for Ebola," Longo told FTVLive. 

"The story was and is an important one that I believe needed to be reported. There are simply too many unknowns and potential threats in the larger, global story for us not to. To ignore or play down what occurred here today would be the real disservice," Longo added. 

If your station found out a person was being tested for ebola, would you report it, thinking the public should know? Or would you wait and see what the results were?

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