Orlando Station: We Were Wrong

Give credit to WFTV in Orlando for admitting they screwed up.

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that the had hired Casey Anthony Judge Belvin Perry to offering analysis and make commentaries. During a report, Perry ripped into a commercial against the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida. 

After Perry offered his sharp comments, WFTV didn’t note that Perry now works for the Morgan & Morgan law firm. Attorney John Morgan is the chief proponent of the Amendment.

The station now says that was a mistake. 

"The fact that he [Perry] works for Morgan & Morgan should have been disclosed, no question about that," WFTV news director Matt Parcell told the Orlando Sentinel. "It didn't cross anyone's mind. We looked at him as the judge."

Perry is known widely as the former chief judge of Orange and Osceola counties. Parcell said his staffers didn't remember that Perry works for Morgan & Morgan.

"We hired him for his brilliant legal mind," Parcell said. "The Morgan connection is irrelevant to why I'd want him to be part of our team. But we have to remember it and acknowledge it."

WFTV will handle that connection differently next time, Parcell promised.