Chicago TV Website to Go Behind Paywall

Chicago TV Critic Robert Feder posted the news this morning that his website which covers Chicago media will soon be going behind a paywall.

Feder writes: I launched under a unique licensing agreement with Chicago Tribune Media Group. I am solely and independently responsible for all editorial content posted here, while Tribune controls the marketing, advertising and technical elements. Thanks to a steadily growing daily readership, the arrangement has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

It "exceeded" them so much, that now you will have to pay to read it.

Feder says that starting October 7,  his site will be rolled in as part of the "digitalPLUS" portion of the Chicago Tribune's website.

As for FTVLive?

Thanks to the most awesome sponsors in the world and some generous people out there that donate some dollars our will remain free and not tucked behind some paywall.

Been there....done that.