Welcome TVInteract!


As we start the new year, FTVLive wants to introduce you to a new sponsor of this website.

TVinteract has come on board and we are more than happy to have them.

As you know, FTVLive only allows the best companies that work in and around TV news to advertise on our site. Our goal as a website is to shoot straight with you and that carries over to the sponsors on this site as well.

TVinteract is one of those companies that fit the bill.

In fact, FTVLive wrote about this company long before they became a sponsor. We said it is the one app that every newsroom needs and we still believe that is the case.

If your station uses social media and wants to get better at interacting with viewers, this is THE app you must have. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.56.19 AM.png

The person behind TVinteract is Jenni Hogan. 

Jenni is a former Anchor and Reporter and has more positive energy in her pinky finger than most people have in their entire body.

Jenni developed what she calls her "dream app" to make it easier for stations to interact with viewers. A viewer can post a tweet and from the time they post it till the time it hits your air could be less than 30 seconds. It really is that easy. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.55.32 AM.png

The tweet will be formatted and presented in a very slick way using your station's graphics package and the best of all the TVinteract app does it all. No need for the Art Department or pre-production. 

You can put pictures that viewers tweet on the air just moments after they post them to Twitter.

TVinteract is perfect for breaking news stories as well.  It's all formatted inside the app and is ready for air instantly. 

It is an amazing app to say the least. The app is so good that Apple approved TVinteract's latest revision in the matter of a few hours. If Apple knows it's a good app, than you can bet that it is. 

The uses for this app are endless. Think, now you can bump to breaks using viewer tweets that were sent seconds ago. It's great for all newscasts, morning shows, sports shows and any other time you want to get your viewers involved. 

You don't have to be a tech geek or nerd to use the app, it does all the nerdy stuff for you. 

FTVLive will be sharing more stories about Jenni and TVinteract in the future. Right now we want welcome TVinteract to the FTVLive family. 

If you want to watch a short video of how the app works and get some more understanding, check out their website.