Smile You're on Roger Ailes Cam (Updated)

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As Roger Ailes says, taking shots at him is a cottage industry.

There is no doubt that the new book coming out called 'The Loudest Person in the Room' has some bits that Ailes surely doesn't wasn't out there.

Ailes is often painted as a paranoid guy that had bullet proof glass installed in his office.

FTVLive has not dealt with Ailes on a one to one level enough to tell you if any of that is true. But, we will point out in the story in Today's Hollywood Reporter it featured a number of pictures of the Fox News boss and his office.

If you look on the corner of his desk, you can see he has a camera tucked away. 

Some would say that it's there to record people that come into his office. 

But many people have cameras on their desk for video conferencing and that maybe all it is.

Of course it could also be for when old Rog likes to troll on

Let the rumors begin. 

Update: Fox News tells FTVLive that the "camera" is not a camera at all but it is in fact a speaker. We're guessing that Ailes blast Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' when he's looking at the overnight ratings comparing Fox News to CNN.