WPVI on Top of Snowstorm Ratings


Nothing brings ratings more than a hyped up storm and that was the case when snowstorm We're all Going to Die (or whatever they Weather Channel is calling it) blasted it's way into Philly. 

The big winner in Philly was WPVI and Weather Anchor Cecily Tynan.

At 5 p.m. with the storm approaching, WPVI Action News and  Tynan won easily over WCAU NBC10 (Sheena Parveen), KYW CBS3  (Kathy Orr) and WTXF Fox 29 (Scott Williams).

Here are the numbers:

At 5 p.m., Action News gets a higher rating than the other three newscasts added together.

6 ABC – 9.8
NBC 10 – 4.9
CBS 3 – 3.0
Fox 29 – 1.4

And at 6 p.m., when Jim Gardner takes the anchor chair, things just get worse for the other stations.

6 ABC – 12.8
NBC 10 – 5.5
CBS 3 – 4.8
Fox 29 – 1.4

WPVI also won the late news as well. 

It's not uncommon for PVI to win the ratings in Philly, the station has been number one for years. But, when a big news event happens, that's when the cream really rises to the top.

H/T Philly Magazine