The Mystery of the Missing Phoenix Anchor


FTVLive has been reporting for months on how KTVK Anchor Patti Kirkpatrick has been missing from the station for months, her desk cleaned out and yet not a word from the station.

Each night, when the evening news hits the air in Phoenix, thousands of viewers flock to Google and search to find out why Kirkpatrick is not on the air?

While she was missing from the air, her bio remained on the KTVK website. That is no longer the case.

The station has scrubbed her bio from their site, but has still made no mention of her employment status with the station. 

While Kirkpatrick has been of the air, KTVK has been sold twice. First the station was sold to Gannett and then it was sold again to Meredith. 

Maybe Meredith will at least come clean and confirm that Kirkpatrick no longer works at the station.

It would save a lot of Googling for their viewers.

Just saying....