Seattle Photographer Catches Burglar

How does a simple burglary make the newscast?

When it's a News Photographer's house and he has his camera with him.

A KIRO-7 photographer found two men inside his house on Friday.

Joe Orsillo is getting the house he grew up in ready to put on the market.

Friday morning he walked inside the house in the 12500 block of 5th Ave NE in North Seattle and could tell someone was there. He found a man in the bedroom. Orsillo blocked the guy in the bedroom and called 911.

Then the photographer got out a camera and started asking questions. “Why are you inside my house? Why are you inside my house?” asked Orsillo in the video.

“I’m probably not going to have an answer you’ll like,” the suspect responded.

Orsillo said the men stashed stolen property in the house, did drugs in the bathroom, and trashed the house.

Another man locked himself in another room and escaped out a window.

Orsillo kept the first man cornered until police arrived. He said it took more than 21 minutes for police to arrive.

“It was over 21 minutes it took for them to get here. I was begging, I have this guy in my house. I don’t know if he has a weapon or not. I’ve got the door blocked. I don’t know what he’s going to do. He’s high on coke or whatever,” said Orsillo.

They arrested the man Orsillo caught, they’re still looking for the other suspect.

Let's go to the video: