Flu Knocks Out Chicago Weatherman

  Jim Ramsey

Jim Ramsey

Yesterday, FTVLive told you the sad story of KXTV (Sacramento) Sales Executive Nancy Pinnella. Pinnella left work sick last week with the flu, a couple of days later she was dead. 

The flu bug also knocked a Chicago Anchor off the air for 3 weeks.

Robert Feder says that WGN weatherman Jim Ramsey will be back on the air this weekend after a “pretty strong flu virus” sidelined him for three weeks.

Ramsey’s absence from Tribune Broadcasting station during a period of severe winter weather was conspicuous to viewers because it coincided with chief meteorologist Tom Skilling’s vacation. In addition to his weekend weather duties, Ramsey also serves as Skilling’s principal backup.

Earlier in the week, Ramsey’s bosses said doctors had diagnosed the illness as pneumonia. But apparently it turned out to be the flu.

“In the 27 years that I’ve done weather at Channel 9, I’ve never missed a ‘fill in’ for Tom’s vacations,” Ramsey told me Thursday. “I got whacked with a pretty strong flu virus and have fully bounced back. I look forward to being on the air this weekend. We have snow coming.”

As for fans who wrote and called during his absence, he said: “Thanks to all those concerned. Here is my advice to everyone: Go get a flu shot!”

FTVLive plans on doing that this Weekend.