Weatherman Admits he Blew the Forecast


ABC 33/40 (Birmingham) Weatherman James Spann admits he screwed of the forecast that ended up with much more snow than he predicted.

He has apologized for what he called his worst "forecast bust" since the winter storm of 1982.

Problem was in 1982 there was no social media, now there is and he got lit up on it.

He writes on his blog:

"Yep, over the last 12 hours lots of social media vitriol has been directed at me, and it is deserved. People who are tired, hungry, in strange places trying to sleep away from their families and children, need to vent. Do NOT vent at school officials or your boss. They make decisions on weather forecasts, and what they got was bad information. I am the one to blame. I guess I know how Cade Foster feels (the University of Alabama place kicker who took heat after the Auburn game).

"This is an example of what I am seeing in the "email inbox" this morning...

"Looks like you got it wrong yesterday with your prediction of a light dusting and no accumulation. How can you guys be so badly off as 100's still sit in their schools and 100's remain in their cars on highways and (no) telling how many have had to leave their cars stranded and knock on strangers doors for shelter while others have paid the ultimate price trying to drive? How can you be so wrong? Has everything with your career over the past years gone to your head? You are still expected to be vigilant and not complacent. What a shame as I think of the people still out there and the ones who are dead..."

I won't share the person's name that wrote this, but it was signed. The criticism is valid, and one I will take to heart. I appreciate her taking the time to write, and I mean that."

At least he admitted to screwing up. There are scores of weather anchors in TV news that would never have the guts to do that.