The Hell with New Jersey


Not only did NY1 change its name to the much longer  Time Warner Cable's NY1, they also said the hell with New Jersey. 

Time Warner Cable's NY1 news channel has pulled the plug on its decade-old New Jersey newscast this week, in a move that affects two on-air employees.

The company is "better utilizing our resources to focus solely on New York City-based news," said NY1 spokeswoman Nikia Redhead.

NY1 offered the once-an-hour New Jersey newscast, called "Your New Jersey News Now" to Time Warner Cable subscribers, along with a weekly 30-minute "Week in Review" show. The last show was Tuesday.

Chief Frank Del Vecchio of the Fairview Police Department said he will miss the hyper-local coverage the newscast offered.

"I think there's going to be a void, especially in southeast Bergen County, when it comes to local news," Del Vecchio said. "They were very community-oriented; they had a personal touch....If you have a rash of burglaries in your town, Channel 2 or Channel 4 is not going to come down and cover that."

Del Vecchio said that along with covering local crime, the NY1 reporters covered community events like Fairview's Halloween haunted house.

And now there will be no more haunted house coverage. How will the viewers of New Jersey survive?