MSNBC Boss: I wanted to Hire Ronan Farrow within 20 Minutes


MSNBC Boss Phil Griffin says that it took just a quick 20 minutes before he knew he wanted to hire Ronan Farrow.

The son of Frank Sinatra....errrrrr Woody Allen impressed Griffin quickly.

In a story in the NY Times Griffin said he’d seen clips of Farrow giving interviews and speeches and was impressed. 

“I started following him on Twitter,” Griffin said, “and loved the way he talked about things.” When Farrow was in New York, the two sat down for a chat. “Within 20 minutes I wanted to hire him,” Griffin says. “He’s got it.

I'm thinking that after the Alec Baldwin hire and the Martin Brashir fiasco, maybe Griffin should spend a little more than 20 minutes on his hires.

Just saying....