Vegas Anchor "Shocked" That she was Fired

 Mckenzie Warren

Mckenzie Warren

FTVLive FIRST reported last week that KSNV parted ways with Anchor Mackenzie Warren (other websites are getting around to reporting this news Today, with no credit to FTVLive of course).

FTVLive told you that Warren was escorted out of the building on Thursday. 

Now she tells the Las Vegas Review Journal that she was "shocked that she was sacked.

“This is my hometown. No longer being allowed to do what I love in the city that I love will be a painful adjustment. I’m shocked. Channel 3 gave me no reason for my termination. I thank this community for welcoming me into their homes over the years.”

If you work in TV News and you are "shocked" when you get fired, then you haven't worked in TV news very long.

Just saying....