Reporter Quits TV for Cupcakes

  Becky Medellin

Becky Medellin

Most often when people leave the TV news business, they end up going into PR.

That's not the case for former KRGV (McAllen/Weslaco) Reporter Becky Medellin.  Medellin left TV news to open up Scratch Kitchen Cupcake and Bake Shop.

We did everything ourselves, so my dad told everyone that ‘it’s not just the cupcakes that are from scratch — but the whole place,’” the 32-year-old former KRGV-TV news personality said.

Scratch Kitchen opened about two weeks ago and celebrated a grand opening last week, but Becky has been working toward the goal of owning her own business for years.

Becky said she always enjoyed cooking and baking, but nine years ago, she decided to work as a broadcast journalist. After working for two years as a reporter in Laredo, she home to the Valley to work at KRGV-TV, where she was a reporter and weekend anchor.

A restaurant or bakery was something that Becky always wanted to own, she said, but she didn’t have enough money to get started. A friend suggested she start from home.

“So I did it from home for two years,” she said. “I was doing it, actually, out of my parents’ house for a long time, so they’ve helped me out a lot.”

Cramped quarters combined with an inefficient household oven made for long nights of baking after work, Becky said.

“So finally I wanted to open the store and I was nervous about it and I didn’t know how it would do …” she said.

Friends and family convinced her to give it a shot because, after all, she would never know until she tried.

The bakery is a family affair. Becky’s mother Sandra and sister Jennifer help out in any way they can. Her Dad Jerry makes the fresh cinnamon rolls each morning, which are made using a tried and true recipe he said he perfected over the years.

“I think he has that from back when he was in the Navy, so he’s been doing that for a long time,” Becky said. “And he’s always done them at home. He baked and cooked a lot when we were growing up.”

H/T The Monitor