Mark McEwen Returning to TV


Mark McEwen worked at the CBS morning show for 16 years, in 2004 he came to Orlando's WKMG. Before he could hit his stride in local news, in 2005 he suffered a massive stroke and has been off the air since.

Until now.

McEwen is returning to the CBS affiliate to report inspiring local stories for the noon news. McEwen's reports will start airing in several weeks, the station announced Friday.

His workload?

"Two reports a week to begin with," said McEwen, 59.

WKMG General Manager Skip Valet said McEwen will "cover stories designed with one simple goal: to make our viewers smile." The reports will "look at the positive moments that make Central Florida life so enjoyable," Valet added.

"You hear a lot of bad news," he said. "We're here to show the positive light on things, telling stories you might not hear anywhere else ... about heroes who may be across the street."

McEwen has battled back from a massive stroke in 2005. How is he these days?

"I'm fine, I'm fine," he said. "I go to the gym every day. I'm glad to be here."

Since leaving WKMG, McEwen said he has been "giving speeches, getting healthy, writing a book ['Change in the Weather']." He also hosted a proposed series called "McEwen's Mark," but that is over, he said.

McEwen said he wanted to be an example to the public that people can come back from strokes. "It's something to achieve, something to set your course by," he said. "I would like to help people know there is life after a tragedy in their lives. There's part 2, part 3."

H/T Orlando Sentinel