ESPN VP this/close to Landing at Today Show


ESPN vice president  is close to landing at the Today Show.

The website Deadspin says that a deal appears likely, we're told, though Horowitz still has to extract himself from his contract with ESPN.

Deadspin writes that at the moment, one source says, ESPN president John Skipper is trying to coax a sizable ransom out of Comcast, NBC's parent company. The source put the chances of the deal going through at "70-30 or 65-35."

Deadspin says, it's not clear what Horowitz's new position would be. We're told that Don Nash would stay on as Today's executive producer and that Horowitz would oversee him.

Sources tell FTVLive that it would like be the Senior Vice President of the Today Show job that would be getting.

Horowitz got his start at NBC Sports, working as a researcher for the 2000 Olympics and quickly making his way into the producer's chair. 

Stay tuned....