We're Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry


It appears that WFTV in Orlando are doing their best to avoid a lawsuit.

O-Town viewers have watched anchors Vanessa Welch, Martie Salt and Vanessa Echols read the same lengthy correction in that past two days.

The correction was read nine times in all, WFTV news director Matt Parcell said Thursday.

The multi-part correction updated reporting done in 2012 and May last year. Why a correction now? Was the station facing a threat of legal action?

"The errors were brought to our attention, and we corrected them as soon as we possibly could," Parcell said.

Parcell said it was a coincidence that the flawed reports all focused on one person: former Orlando police officer Timothy Davis Sr., who was acquitted in February of murder in the fatal shooting of his son.

Parcell said he wouldn't discuss who had done the reporting.

The correction had three parts: The station in 2012 reported that Davis had been accused of domestic violence in the past by two women; the correction noted that Davis had never been accused of domestic violence. The station in May last year reported that Apopka police were investigating an allegation that  Davis interfered in a child-abuse investigation; but by the time the report aired, police had determined that Davis had done nothing criminal. The station also showed a wrong day care owned by Davis when the story concerned an employee at another of his day-care centers.

The correction ended: "We apologize to Davis and his day cares for these errors." 

H/T Orlando Sentinel