CNN's Zucker Holds All Hands on Deck Meeting

 Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker

Back on January 10th, FTVLive FIRST told you that CNN boss Jeff Zucker was going to hold a town hall meeting on January 22nd for all CNN staffers worldwide.

Yesterday, the meeting happened and despite a bad first year for Zucker, he did his best to paint a rosy picture for the staff.

Zucker spun his accomplishments as best he could. 

The NY Daily News says that he claimed CNN passed MSNBC in the ratings to be the No. 2 cable news network; growth at HLN;'s best year ever, and CNN International’s record number of awards. 

Zucker also said CNN will continue to experiment with its daytime programming and that changes are in store for prime time, too — but he declined to be specific.

Stay tuned.....