N.S. Bienstock to Merge with UTA

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Huge news out of the TV Agent world.

One of the most powerful TV agencies, N.S. Bienstock is joining forces with United Talent Agency.

UTA’s acquisition of N.S. Bienstock and its dominant market share representing TV news personalities makes UTA the world’s largest agency in the broadcast news space. The announcement was made by UTA Managing Directors Jeremy Zimmer, David Kramer and Jay Sures along with N.S. Bienstock founders and co-presidents Richard Leibner and Carole Cooper.

N.S. Bienstock represents the biggest names in TV news – including Bill O’Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Robin Roberts, Megyn Kelly, Bob Scheiffer, Norah O’Donnell, David Muir, Glenn Beck, Steve Kroft, Bob Simon, Lara Logan, Dan Abrams, Becky Quick and many more – and is responsible for some of the biggest deals in the history of the television news industry.

N.S. Bienstock founders and co-presidents Richard Leibner and Carole Cooper will remain co-presidents of the company, managing day-to-day operations, and will serve as special advisors to UTA’s Board of Directors. Longtime Bienstock executives Jonathan Leibner and Adam Leibner have been made partners at UTA, while remaining in their current senior roles at Bienstock. N.S. Bienstock will retain its name, corporate identity, location and corporate ethos with the entire leadership team and agents remaining in place. UTA Managing Director Jay Sures will oversee the relationship. 

UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer commented, “We are excited to expand our representation platform with N.S. Bienstock. UTA will continue to seek new opportunities that offer artists and other professionals the best and broadest representation. As the entertainment, media, news and technology industries commingle in new and exciting ways, we see tremendous potential for broadcast news talent across every conceivable media platform.”

UTA Managing Director Jay Sures said, “We share the same strong belief in the clients-first approach with Richard, Carole and the entire N.S. Bienstock team, and we believe the complementary strengths and resources that UTA brings to the table will be a tremendous benefit to present and future N.S. Bienstock clients.”

N.S. Bienstock co-founder and co-president Richard Leibner said, “As the leader in broadcast news representation, we strive every day to innovate on behalf of our clients.  Aligning with UTA and utilizing their global reach and resources while still retaining our personal touch is a significant step forward in the growth and evolution of N.S. Bienstock.”

Carole Cooper, N.S. Bienstock co-founder and co-president, commented, “Richard and I and the extended Bienstock team are excited to leverage our new relationship with UTA and our shared ‘clients-first’ approach for the benefit of all of our clients.”