Lawsuit Filed Against Pennsylvania Weatherman

  Dave Kuharchik

Dave Kuharchik

WBRE (Wilkes Barre)  Anchor Dave Kuharchik cost his former girlfriend more than $26,000 during an abusive relationship, once smashing her vehicle's windshield while drunk and, in another incident, striking her with his fists, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Sharon E. Lynett of Dunmore alleges she gave Kuharchik $9,000 last May based on verbal promises he would marry her after his divorce and grant her equity in his home in West Wyoming. She also allegedly loaned him $15,258 to pay his mortgage bills from October 2012 through last June.

Kuharchik, 36, is the host of afternoon lifestyles show, "PA Live!," and a meteorologist for the Wilkes-Barre-based TV station.

He declined to comment on the lawsuit before going on the air yesterday. 

His former wife, Kathleen Ankenbrand  filed a protection-from-abuse petition against him in August, alleging he threatened to kill her in a phone call about child custody matters. Kuharchik is prohibited from having contact with Ankenbrand, according to a temporary protection-from-abuse order, which will remain in effect until October. They have three children.

The lawsuit was filed in Luzerne County Court. It contains the following allegations:

Lynett began a relationship with Mr. Kuharchik sometime in 2012 and ended it "due to her concern for her own health and well-being" in July 2013 subsequent to "a vicious attack" by Mr. Kuharchik on the way home from the New Jersey shore. Mr. Kuharchik "had an unreasonable temper during their relationship, especially after drinking alcohol to excess," the suit says, and his actions on Nov. 22, 2012, and Dec. 15, 2012, cost Ms. Lynett another $2,400.

Kuharchik physically assaulted Ms. Lynett on Nov. 22, 2012, in her vehicle in front of his house, hitting her with fists and causing fractures to her hands. He was a passenger in her vehicle on Dec. 15, 2012, and smashed the windshield and navigation screen "during a drunken tantrum."

Lynett never lived in Mr. Kuharchik's home and moved to a less-expensive apartment because she was paying Mr. Kuharchik's mortgage and expected they would soon be married. Kuharchik had to refinance his mortgage to remove his wife from the deed but could not secure financing "due to his low income and poor credit."

So  Lynett co-signed the loan to refinance the mortgage and provided Kuharchik with a $9,000 loan to finalize the equitable distribution of marital property in his divorce. Kuharchik told Lynett she would get her "money back and then some" and could take "every cent of equity" after the mortgage is refinanced.

Kuharchik's divorce decree was entered Aug. 9. His ex-wife filed a protection-from-abuse petition Aug. 12. He put his property on the market sometime last year, but he has not sold the property and continues to live there.

Lynett is seeking a total of $26,658 in damages, plus interest and costs. The suit says Kuharchik's "promises to pay back the funds" provided by Lynett "were clear and unambiguous."

Scranton-based attorney Michael F. Cosgrove is representing Lynett. Lynett declined to comment. Mr. Cosgrove did not return messages seeking comment.

WBRE-TV Vice President/General Manager Robert G. Bee and news director Jim DePury did not return messages seeking comment.

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