State Rep Hopes Station's Stunt Doesn't Leave Kids Scared


FTVLIve was the FIRST to tell you about KSDK's (St. Louis) stunt that caused a high school to go on lockdown.

A state representative from Kirkwood says he’s not going to take action after a TV station’s stunt and thinks Kirkwood high school is safe. 

“I think the school district handled it properly … maybe they could have acted a little quicker as far as the lockdown if they thought that there was serious danger to the students, but again I don’t like to second guess people because I wasn’t there,” says State Rep Rick Srteam.

He also hopes that KSDK's little stunt did not frighten the kids too much to hurt their schoolwork.

“If I were a student at the school I might be a little more careful about who I see in the hallways,” says Stream. “It doesn’t help learning to have the kids afraid of what might happen around the corner.”

KSDK has apologized to parents, school staff and students for causing the lockdown. Comments on its Facebook page have been largely critical of the station.