Really Jim Cantore?!

 Jim "the Giant Ego" Cantore

Jim "the Giant Ego" Cantore

The more Jim Cantore keeps talking the less people are liking him.

Cantore is one of the stars of the Weather Channel and has been on the front lines in the battle against DirecTV. But, maybe Cantore should just shut up.

Cantore was on CNN's Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter and said something that pissed off a number of weather people.

Stelter asked Cantore "Is it really appropriate to say this channel is about saving lives?"

Cantore replied "I really think when you kind of look at The Weather Channel overall, and you think about what happens before a storm, whether you’re an emergency manager’s office, whether you’re even at the National Weather Service or a local TV station, your first hint at what’s to come is from The Weather Channel."

So, Cantore now thinks the Weather Channel which airs about as much reality crap as it does weather coverage is more important than the National Weather Service. 

NOAA Meteorologist Patrick Marsh sees Cantore's statement is more about his big ass ego. Marsh wrote on Facebook "Fellow NWS mets, while I believe Cantore’s latest interview crosses the line and outright lies about the NWS, maybe we should reconsider having TWC on so many of the offices’ Situational Awareness Displays. It does send the wrong message to visitors, and feeds a certain ego."

After catching some heat, Cantore backed off his statement a bit. " I hope everyone is aware of my respect for all in the weather community. If not, know it now."

I'm not so sure they do Jim.

Maybe you should just shut up and worry about making up some stupid names for the next storm.