Spineless WTKR Ignores Anchor's Fraud Case

 Julie Bickford leaving court yesterday 

Julie Bickford leaving court yesterday 

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that WTKR had parted ways with popular Anchor Julie Bickford. Yesterday, we told you that she was wrapped up in an international Fraud case and that she plead guilty to tax fraud.

So, how did WTKR cover this very news worthy story about their former Anchor?

They totally ignored the story!

While the local paper put the story on page 1 and the other stations in town covered her appearance in court, WTKR has acted like the story never happened. 

WTKR GM Jeff Hoffman answers all questions about Bickford with the exact same response, “Juliet Bickford resigned last week for personal reasons,” he says over and over. 

Of course, we're sure that if the Mayor of Norfolk was caught up in an international fraud case, Hoffman and News Director Tina Luqu-Blacklocke would ignore that story as well. Like hell they would, they would be all over the story with team coverage and live shots all over the place.

It might be interesting to point out that while Bickford was still at the station, she hosted a segment in the newscast called “Taking Action Against Crime.”

How Ironic.

No word if Hoffman will be changing the segment to “Taking Action Against Crime unless it on involves one of our own.”

Stay tuned....