Not Again?! Station Causes Lockdown at School

Sources tell FTVLive that KSDK in St. Louis was doing a story that tested the school security  at a high school in Kirkwood.

Word is that the station stunt ended with the school on lockdown.

There are no posts from KSDK on their Facbook page about the incident, but a number of viewers are posting comments about it and asking the station for answers. KSDK hasn't said anything as of yet.

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KMOV Sportscaster Doug Vaughn sent out this tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 3.44.38 PM.png

As we said, KSDK has made no mention of the story.

Jason Nico is a parent of a child at the school. His wife was out of town on business and gets a text that school is on lockdown.

Both parents were very upset, Nico called KSDK says he spoke to a producer who he says confirmed the story and apologized.

While other parents are begging for information on the station's Facebook page, the latest post from the station is promoting the Olympics.

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head.