Meredith Vieira Worried About Olympic Security


As FTVLive told you, NBC decided to have Meredith Vieira and not Savannah Guthrie alongside Matt Lauer for the opening ceremonies of the winter Olympics.

But, Meredith is worried about her safety while covering the games in Russia.

"I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t [concerned about security]," Vieira said in an interview the Hollywood Reporter. "I really believe the Russian government is going to do everything it can to avoid that situation. This is [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s baby and they don’t want anything to go wrong. But that doesn’t mean things won’t happen elsewhere in the country because I think those terrorists are given an opportunity and they will take it."

"I'm basically assured that it will be fine," added Vieira. "But it may not be. I know that. But I feel good enough about it that I’m going to be there for sure."

Vieira, who has often said one of her best friends is a gay man, is also concerned about anti-gay laws in Russia. She said she won’t be surprised to see some peaceful symbolic actions, especially during the opening ceremony -- and even encourages it: "In terms of demonstrations and all that. I would love to see everybody walk out with rainbow ribbons. I think something will happen at the opening ceremony."

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